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Yellow teeth is one of the most common complaint of people.

Aesthetics is the concern of many people and if you are also worried about yellow teeth, once go through this article.

Who wants yellow teeth?

Probably None of us would like to have yellow teeth.

Here is all you need to know about yellowing of teeth, how to prevent it and treatment options.

Key Points

Causes of yellow teeth

Dentinal exposure

The key cause of yellowness of teeth is loss of the outer tooth surface. This outer covering of the tooth surface is known as Enamel. The loss of enamel eventually results in exposure of the inner tooth structure known as Dentine.

This dentine is yellow in color, hence the teeth looks yellow colored.

It is natural for teeth to become slightly yellow as the age increases.

Excessive consumption of

Excessive intake of tea, coffee, cold drinks, soft drinks, coke etc. causes discoloration of teeth.


on a regular basis increases risk of discoloration of teeth as well as make them prone to cavities.

Tobacco chewing

any form of tobacco chewing results in yellowing teeth. Avoid any form of tobacco for keeping teeth healthy.

Vitamin C deficiency

As Vitamin C helps fighting bacteria, it’s deficiency may play a role in tooth discoloration. Try to include Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. It includes tomato, lemon, sweet lemon, oranges, tamarind etc.

Poor oral hygiene

teeth needs to be brushed twice a day. Poor oral hygiene habits promotes the deposition of plaque on the tooth surface which results in yellow teeth.

Excessive consumption of fluoride

Excessive fluoride consumption through water/toothpaste- Yes, our drinking water may have excess amount of fluoride content. If your teeth are changing yellow this may be a reason behind it. Now, some people get it even by using toothpaste having excessive amount of fluoride in toothpaste. In such cases, your doctor may recommend you fluoride free toothpaste.


Some people have yellowness of teeth from birth. In some families it is seen that all members have slight yellowness their teeth. Bleaching can be performed to whiten teeth as advised by your dentist.


Women taking some medicines during pregnancy can cause their as well as child’s teeth to be discolored. Pregnant women are given supplements of iron and drugs like tetracycline. Always seek an advise of your doctor if you are facing this issue.

Grinding teeth (Bruxism)

Some people have habit of grinding their teeth in anger/while sleeping – It may lead to the loss of enamel and teeth appear yellow due to dentine exposure.

Refer to the following article to know more about Bruxism:

Prevention of teeth from yellowing

Avoid the following things help in prevention of yellow teeth.

Avoid Excessive consumption of

tea, coffee, cold drinks, soft drinks, alcohol, teeth staining foodstuffs.

Stop smoking as soon as possible

Nicotine and tar present in cigarette are responsible for turning your white healthy teeth to yellow and gradually it turns even to brownish yellow in color.

Stop tobacco chewing

It also contains nicotine. Once you start using any of the nicotine products, it does not take long to turn it yellow.Any form of tobacco chewing should be gradually decreased and then stopped.

Brush teeth properly

brush teeth twice a day as I always mention it. A brush with soft bristle should be used on a regular basis. Always change the toothbrush every six months.

Avoid excess fluoride intake

analyze if you are taking excess amount of fluoride through water or toothpaste and should avoid it.

Drink lots of water

drinking plenty of water is good for oral health. Drinking water will help washing away stuck food particles and will stop plaque from growing onto the teeth surfaces. Thus, drinking water is helpful.

Treatment for turning yellow teeth to white

Use teeth whitening pastes

Use teeth whitening pastes as recommended by Dentist. These teeth whitening pastes have abrasives in their composition. These abrasive substances helps in teeth whitening.


Professional teeth whitening is done in this process. It lightens the color of your teeth from yellow to white. The procedure involves application of teeth whitening gel on the teeth. This procedure takes around an hour to complete.

For more information about teeth whitening, please go through the below link

Whitening strips

It is to be applied onto the tooth surface. Do not brush your teeth before applying the teeth whitening strip. As brushing teeth before strip application reduces the adherence of strip to tooth. To apply the strip, just remove the strip and place it over the affected teeth.Use it as recommended by the dentist.


In this procedure, a tooth colored material is applied on the tooth surface. This material is applied on the tooth surface and then an ultraviolet light is applied on it for setting the material.


This is a porcelain made material. It is designed to cover the frontal surface of the teeth. For the preparation of veneers, some minor amount of tooth structure is removed and veneers are prepared and placed on frontal teeth.

Maintain oral hygiene

Brush properly with soft bristle toothbrush twice a day.

Stop Bruxism (teeth grinding)

the habit of Grinding your teeth in anger/while sleeping. Consult your dentist if you are facing teeth grinding issue.

Refer the following link to know more about bruxism

Include Vitamin C in diet

Some of the Vitamin C rich foodstuffs are orange, lemon, sweet lemon, tomato, citrus fruits, tamarind etc. Your Doctor may prescribe Vitamin C tablet to you if required.

Home Remedies to prevent yellow teeth (teeth whitening at home)

Here are some home remedies to get rid of yellowness at home:

1 .Brushing teeth properly

Do not underestimate brushing teeth. Do brush teeth twice a day with the prescribed toothpaste.

2. Baking soda

It is seen that brushing teeth with baking soda helps in whitening teeth. Do not brush teeth with baking soda more than a week. It can be harmful if used excessively.

3. Apple cider vinegar

It is found to have vitamin c and some acid in it. Many people use it with warm water for health purpose. Drinking apple cidar vinegar with water may help reducing the plaque present on teeth surface. But, if it causes sensitivity, you should avoid.

4. Oil pulling

In this process half a tablespoon of oil is taken and swished. At the end should spit the oil. It is found helpful in removing the yellowness naturally. Coconut oil is used for this purpose.

5. Eat more Citrus fruits

Eating more citrus fruits helps removing yellowness.

6. Include Apple

Including apple in diet on a regular basis is anyway good for health. Apple is found to be a natural abrasive for teeth. Also helps in keeping teeth healthy.

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